Fre$h Fashion: Reviving Real

We at Freshen Up would like to introduce you all to buzzing Pittsburgh Brand Reviving Real. Reviving Real isn’t only a clothing company but a brand that wants to bring emerging underground Pittsburgh artist to the forefront in today culture. We want to thank Reviving Real for sitting down for an interview with us, which you can check out below along with a bio on the brand and some of their exclusive audio and visual content. Freshen Up.

Company  Bio

Over the past 3 years Reviving Real has been bridging together its platform to bring both underground and emerging artists to the forefront by inserting their practices into the global creative community and culture of this new age. They aim to generate projects and products that drive art and culture to new levels while creating opportunities and larger channels to get their artists work out to the world.

History of the company

Reviving Real started 3 years ago out of a dorm room here in Pittsburgh. The first intention was to just be music blog and somewhere along the way I started making merch for us to wear around and try to get the word out. The first couple designs we did got some positive feedback and people around me wanted more it caught on kinda quick and I didn’t really plan on it so I ran back to the drawing board looking how to make it all more meaningful. I just didn’t want to be a brand just putting graphics on blanks. I started to really think about how I can harness this energy and make it meaningful. I started networking like crazy, went out to more local events meeting different artist and people here in the city. I was blown away by all the different types of talent sitting right here in the city and couldn’t help but notice the lack of unity. That really helped me discover what I wanted Reviving Real to become and we stay true to that original thought to this day. Our platform focuses in on being a springboard to hopefully bigger and better things for the people we work with and support. We focus on creating exposure and working opportunities with talents here in the city. Emphasizing on the youths impact on art,culture and music. Jumping to where we are at now we are currently  teamed up with Lawn Street Creatives. LCS is a collective between college roommates Lorenzo Buchhalter and Tyler Calpin. Their takeover of our platform will mobilize their visual forms and processes into a larger discussion of current contemporary and youth culture.”Reviving Real

Freshen Up’s Exclusive Interview: Reviving Real

Freshen Up: “Can you describe Pittsburgh’s Fashions Scene & where Reviving Real fits in this particular fashion scene?”

Reviving Real: “Pittsburgh’s fashion scene in short is very unique. We sort of fit in by standing out just making and doing different things. Nothing is really off limits we just want to have some fun and help people out along the way. My favorite part about Pittsburgh’s scene is the more research you do on the city the more you can see there are tons of people out here doing their thing and doing it well. There is truly something for everybody it’s on you to understand what you want and I promise there is someone here that has what you need. The added bonus to all of this is you don’t have to go far to find what you want. You got Sensless for the absolute heat good people great store. We have Vintage heat coming from Zeds, Retro Gems, Royal, Highway Robbery and so many other cool people and places.”

Freshen Up: “Who are your biggest inspirations (musically, fashion)”

Reviving Real:  “Music itself is what inspires me. It’s a worldwide thing, not many things in this world can connect people together no matter their differences for that period of time. Its formed most of  friendships and I have always been very adamant to making sure I tied it in with the clothes we have made. My biggest inspiration for my fashion actually came from my mom. My mom loved to shop and I always would tag along I loved it. I am the middle of five kids my style was a mix and match of things me and my mom bought we thought were cool and I also had all of my brothers hand me downs we. I would always just combine my new clothes and my hand me downs together to make unique outfits and It definitely shows with most of the work we have out now.”

Freshen Up: “Where do you see the brand going in the next five years.”

Reviving Real: “In the next five years we are aiming to have our platform well established and having all 3 components of it all functioning at high levels. In addition to that we want to be holding events and keep staying active here in the city showcasing all the skills and culture tucked away in the city.”

Freshen Up:”Describe Reviving Real in 3 words.”

Reviving Real: “Culture on display”

Freshen Up

(Below you can check out photos from Reviving Real’s Latest collection and also some of their pieces they’ve dropped in past collections. Click the link below to cop from their online store. Freshen Up.)  

Reviving Real Online Store


Photos shot by: Tyler Calpin

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